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so i had lots of lovely plans for today but these were quickly scuppered when i realised i had not reminded michael to leave caleb's car seat....again!! oh baby brain you have a lot to answer for. so it was a fly by the seat of your pants sort of day.

and here is what we did...
caleb caught up on his mags first thing
       playtime with his new best bud, horsey (i put a lot of imagination into naming that toy for him ;)
then we hit town where we found these little thrifty treasures in one of my favourite charity shops. i've been looking for some pictures to go with these little beauties....
i fell in love with these matthew williamson mirrors, the perfect feature for a very empty bathroom wall.
our thrifting took on a new high when i found this 70s lee bender bus stop blouse. beautiful bird detail.

then we lunched at the rosehip on rose street, plenty of room for prams, great highchairs, and friendly staff. win win on the dining with a baba stakes.
oh and the best cullen skink
how do they do it?! you move everything and they still manage to do their go gadget arms and reach something!
loooove this wallpaper, and a gin and slim for that matter, must make a date in the diary for that one.
after lunch we walked off our cullen skink with a trip to princes street gardens (if you look closely to the left of this picture you'll see an empty cigarette packet is speared onto the rails....ah city life)
the view from our little spot. best view. ever.
 the most amazing apple turnover from the Turkish stall from the world market on castle street
caleb was seriously impressed by this puff pastry delight and of course the crumbs it made.

after a play and an explore of the grass i had one very tired caleb on my hands. perfectly timed my boy, this mamma got a chance to sit in the sun and drink a coffee hot, not cold, not luke warm, hot. bliss.

so for a day that had its plans wiped first thing, this turned out to be a pretty damn good one. i love that we're just a walk or a bus away from town, edinburgh is our oyster :)

to finish off the day nicely it was dinner and drinks with the girls. and now to bed.

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  1. Oh that looks like such a nice day :)

    1. it was! glad we enjoyed the weather while it lasted it's now cloudy and freezing again :(

  2. that blouse is gorgeous! love days like this x

    1. aren't they the best! I was fair chuffed with the blouse i have to say!

  3. perfect day. those pictures you found are wonderful too! i think around here i could only find farming pictures - one can only have so many cow or pig pic's ;-)

    1. ha ha yes there is probably only a certain amount of cow and pig pictures a girl needs!

  4. he is adorable.. sounds like a perfect day.

  5. Nominated you for a Liebster Award ;)

    1. Katie you're a total sweetheart, thank you!

  6. Aaawwww seems like the both of you had a relaxing day. Your baby is cute!