what i love about london is there is so much choice when it comes to things to do.

this is equally something i hate though, as i can be one indecisive girl at times. this quality i find does not bode well when there is a little one in the mix with a (kinda) tight knit schedule. 

so we started off with our grand touristy plans...head to the london aquarium, london eye, diana memorial park, plus squeeze in lunch and naps. yes it would appear we seem to think there are more than 24 hours in one day ;)

well as all great (unrealistic) touristy plans go, they got scrapped. why? because london bridge and southbank is where it is at! we planned just to walk along this way to get to the london eye and the aquarium, well the walk took us the best part of the day, and this is why...

someone enjoying mama's ice lolly :)

caleb's fave spot in the world right now

giant bubbles = giant fun

as caleb napped we were in need of hydration (be rude not too ;)

giant sandpit, it was a family affair..all in!

love this little face so much ♥

helping his mama push his pram, because he walks everywhere now don't you know ;)

a post covered in doorbells, no idea why but then who needs to question why when you have a boy who adores pushing any button he can find. pretty much caleb's heaven.

and this is as close as we got to the london eye, and the aquarium for that matter!

i loved this day spent soaking up city life at it's best, and to think it didn't cost us very much at all. perfect way to start off our little break.


  1. lol, our boys have matching hats! Excellent taste!

  2. Lovely I miss England so much, thanks for sharing..

    1. thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the pictures :)

  3. I love London, we should visit more often its not too far

    Photos are lovely, looks like you had a great day out :)

    1. thanks!
      it's funny how the places that aren't that far from you are the last place you visit, highly recommend a wee jaunt down there when you can :)

  4. Oh I don't blame you for taking it easier than originally planned. This looks like it was a simply perfect day. And it looks like baby-boy would agree! Love the doorbells photo.

    1. thanks loulou! i still laugh at caleb's face when he saw the doorbells!