we are back, in more ways than one. london in the summertime, you have been just what the doctor ordered for this little house.

it was that break, you know the one that gets you back on track. 

husband you were right. yes that's not a typo my dear man, you were RIGHT. london was just what we needed. 

i always forget just how much i love london until i get there, and my are you all the more glorious in this crazy good weather we've been having.

caleb was a little london fan too. enjoying the hustle and bustle, oh and having his pick of the many people to charm and show off in front of. seriously, we have quite the attention-seeker charmer on our hands, especially on flights it would seem. he even got to go in the cockpit with the pilot after flirting his cute little tush off with an air stewardess. yes ladies, this boy is trouble. he'll flirt and smile with you and than drop you like a hot cake for a room full of buttons ;)

the rest of the flight he slept. we even got a chance to sneak a cheeky wine and beer in before we landed. can all flights be like that caleb? deal? 

so we are back and refreshed, and guess what...the sun is still here! so are plan today is to hit the beach, swimming costumes at the ready. again not another typo, we are going to the beach in SCOTLAND!

i'll be back with pictures from our trip, right now i need to pack the car for the twenty three of us.


  1. haa, this post put a smile on my face, spesh the room full of buttons bit. it all sounds lush xxx

    1. it was sooo good!
      hope you enjoyed your holiday too :)

  2. London is on my list of things to do, I'm 27 and still not been. How bad is that?? I'm not sure you could have picked a better weekend to go!!!

    1. i know we couldn't believe our luck with the weather!
      and london, you've got to go, so much to do :)