we love eating out. put a menu in my hands and i'm a happy girl. so it was important our little guy shared our hobby (eating out is a hobby. right?!).

so we started him young, like really young. we took full advantage that i was his portable food source and that he would sleep literally anywhere. i think back to those little dinner dates as a new family so fondly. caleb snoozing away and us figuring out those tentative first few weeks as parents over some yummy food.

fast forward to now and this little dude has his own menu and there is definitely no sleeping going on seeing as we eat at the oh so child-friendly time that is 5pm ;), and a few lessons have certainly been learnt along the way. these are the rules according to caleb...

>>> no napping that day, no dining out. unless we want a meltdown on our hands.

>>> clear the table of all cutlery etc in their reach before they even clamp eyes on it. you can't cry for something that you don't know is there ;)

>>> always have a toy or book to distract. especially if they are too young for the crayons that most of the restaurants supply. unless you want crayons to be their starter ;)

>>> carry a small snack with you to keep them happy while you wait for their food to cool down. what is it with kids food coming out hotter than mount vesuvius? cheers chef! breadsticks are always a winner.

>>> never order something they've not had before. stick with what you know they like and if you want them to try something new let them have some of what your eating.

>>> always know when it's time to leave. when the screaming, shouting, throwing of cutlery starts to happen, we know that's our cue.

yay to caleb no longer classing crayons as a food group!!

caleb's a big fan of wagamama's finger friendly food but is also mastering the art of eating with a fork. chopsticks next :p

a little introduction to something new...

oh did this make us laugh, cruel i know, but don't worry caleb and the ice lolly made friends in the end..

and anyway caleb wasn't the only one pulling faces...

so there you have it the dining out rules according to caleb. i have a feeling this post will need updating often seeing as that little tinker seems to add a new rule each time we dine out!


  1. the photos are PRECIOUS! Those baby blues on Caleb! :) You know, it's so funny...now that Mateo is just shy of two, he knows the drill. He always wants to grab his own menu and he "looks it over" and when the waiter comes he inevitably says "want pasta." haha. Cracked me up the first time. Every once in awhile he switches it up. :)

    1. they are the cutest acting like little men while dining out hey ha ha!

  2. We eat out all the time too! I love it! I think if you expect them to behave properly from the very start then they know what to expect. No standing up, no walking around, waiting until everyone has finished etc. On nights where Sam is working late, I love taking them both to grab a meal out. It breaks up the evening for all of us! Caleb looks so cute and happy-Wagamama kids meals are great! Also recommend Prezzo for cheap family meals-they give the babies SO much food!

    1. oh thanks for the recommendation, will have to try there. i think that's so lovely that you go out as the three of you if your husband is away. cutest diners ever i can imagine!