i'm lucky to have many amazing woman in my life. two of them are sam and jodie, also known as sammyj and jodeeeee. i love these girls. they are everything i want in a friend. i admire them, they inspire me, and they're, well, a bit mad. my cup of tea entirely :) 

knowing these last few months have been pretty tough for me, jodie suggested a night away somewhere. no babies, no men, just us girls. my bag was as good as packed by the mere suggestion of it.

as if the idea of a night away with my girls wasn't enough to excite me it was going to be at a secret location! 

all i needed to do was be ready for 9am. now any mama out there will know that this is pretty much heaven. no organising, no baby checklist. just yourself and one itty bitty bag packed with....wait for it....outfit options!! yes outfit options. remember those days? when you had room to pack options and not just the pitiful square inch you're left with after you've packed for a baby. so what if i don't wear any of it and just stay in the same clothes for a full 24 hours (that didn't happen obviously, or maybe, well more like for 22 hours ;) , that's not the point though. the point is i got to pack them.

so on the road we were, fleetwood mac blaring (because that's what you do on a girlie roadtrip) and us singing along trying to guess where we were going.

a few hours into our journey we were in the scottish highlands. i love the highlands, so beautiful, and to think that it is just a few hours from where we live yet we rarely visit. that is certainly going to change.

our secret location was the beautiful glencoe, at the oh so scottish clachaig inn. i cannot recommend this inn enough. everything you would imagine from an inn nestled in the highlands. 

once check in was sorted we sat in the sun with a cheeky half lager breathing in that fine highland air to be told by jodie there was one more surprise...

a cable car trip up to ben nevis!

hello down there!

sampling the natural highland spring ;)

it was stunning up there and so quiet. it was lovely just to take in all the views and have that top of the world feeling. you are indeed bonny scotland.

back at the inn it was time for some fizz :)

we then went on to have a hilarious night, making new friends, drinking too much tequila (note to self - stop drinking tequila like you're 21 already!) and then collapsing in a heap back in the room after devouring a bag of onion ring crisps like three starved hyenas. classy ;)

love you ladies!! thank you for an amazing time. it was just what the doctor ordered.

so when is the next trip?? it's either me or you sam choosing the secret location :) jodie you have indeed raised the bar.


  1. Love this post, it seriously oozes happiness! Sounds like it was just what you needed. Photo's look amazing too!

  2. Awww! I LOVE that it was a SECRET location! Your friends sound awesome. It's so great when you find "your people." And OH MY the highlands look beautiful. Isn't it funny...we always think of going far, but just a few hours away and you can be in another world. I think maybe this needs to be a regular series on the blog: This Little Girls Trip. You know...for the blog. ;)

    1. henna i'm liking your thinking. just the excuse i need for more girlie trips ;)

  3. ooh, what lovely, lovely friends! nothing beats a night away with the girls, eh?! got mine in two weeks...and i can't wait! xxx have a nice weekend lovely xxx

    1. i know i'm a lucky girl! ooh where are you going?
      have a good weekend too :) x

  4. Holy cuteness your necklace/tshirt combo is to die for Claire!!! I love it. I need that bling in my life asap.
    Your trip looks fabulous! Girlfriends rock :)

    So glad I've found your blog :)

    Jess x

    1. thank you lady!!
      can't beat a bit of bling ;)
      and girlfriends do indeed rock!