okay i'm a little late with my part two of our london trip, but i'm going with the better late than never approach ;) oh and be warned this post is picture heavy!

saturday was spent with our lovely friends pete and jenny who wanted to show us their local london...

while the boys had fun winning coconuts (yes coconuts!) at a local fayre...

us girls had fun perusing the local vintage shops...

ed warehouse was my absolute favourite, what a treasure trove. i could have spent hours in this shop as not only was it furniture but vintage clothing too. pretty much my idea of heaven :)

we then met back up with the boys for some pad thai and stone-baked pizza at the fayre. serious yum.

the day was finished off feasting with our friends with a bonfire of sorts ;)

sunday morning was an early start to meet our friend helen at the lovely balthazar in covent garden, if only all sundays could start like this.

now don't be fooled by this danish-pastry-eating-cutie, he was a nightmare that morning. screaming, throwing cutlery (of course it would be at bathazar and not costa!) you name it. our own fault really as he'd refused his morning nap prior to this, our excitement at seeing our friend and brunching at this fine establishment got the better of us. ah parenting lesson learnt. again ;)

after we said goodbye to our ever understanding friend (she's a nanny, so no stranger to tantrums thankfully!) we headed to meet some more of our friends at a festival in hyde park...

this was a day of good friends, andy murray winning wimbledon, and listening to the beach boys play live in the blazing sunshine (amazing!)

oh and caleb's suncream mowhawk? well that's what happens to baby boy when he refuses to keep his hat on of course ;)

thank you for an amazing time everyone, same time next year?? :)

you can find part one of our trip here.

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  1. Voted for you of course. :) I've been meaning to join top mom blogs, I'll have to ask you one day how you like it!

    Loving all of the brightness in these photos, including your pants! awesome. :)

    You know, I have only wanted to go to NON English speaking countries over the last decade...but it's time to get back to the UK! I haven't been to London since I was 12 or so and it looks so much fun (as an adult now :). And ONE day, I'll make it to lovely Scotland and pop in and say HELLO! :) One day!

    Henna http://hennablossom.com

    1. thank you lovely! get yourself signed up!

      and you and your family would be very welcome at this little house :)

  2. What a lovely trip you had and the photos are so inviting!

    1. thank you, pam! it was nice to relive the trip sorting through the pictures :)