okay, i'm about to type a certain word. don't hate me. it's going to happen sooner or later.

okay, here goes....


there, now that wasn't so bad was it.

don't get me wrong i'm no grinch, i love christmas. but talking about christmas in october used to strike me as ridiculously early.

early no more. you see now i have caleb the days of rushing around town just before christmas trying to find the perfect gift for all my loved ones are over. actually the days of shopping in town seem to be over. babies and shopping do not mix. cruel fact of life. cruel, i tell you.

so yes, now i am that annoyingly organised person who wants to get in there early with present buying. it's a no brainer really. it spreads out the cost and means i have the entire world wide web at my disposable with plenty of time for delivery. win win for a girl who no longer gets to peruse the aisle of a real life shop for hours on end.

which brings me to this wonderful site, presents for men. don't be fooled by the name, they have presents for everyone. they even go as far as to put them into categories, presents for her, present for him, presents for young, presents for grandparents. thank you, thank you. i am a fan of anything that makes my life easier.

the lovely people from presents for men were kind enough to send caleb a little early christmas present this year. a farm in a tin...

this gift is a perfect stocking filler.

each piece is beautifully carved out of wood. i just love wooden toys.

caleb giggled as we made all the different sounds of the animals as we set them out on our little farm. it's great when a toy is fun but also educational.

added bonus of it coming in a tin was caleb wanting to put all the pieces back when he was finished. the playing didn't stop there though, because this is caleb, and he always has to make a few phone calls...

oh that boy of mine. as you can see farm in a tin was a big hit in this little house. you should see all the other amazing gifts they have to offer for christmas too, big and small, like this fire engine. amazing much?! and i'm dying over this make your own sock monkey, too cute.

christmas shopping, you have officially started in this little house.

*this is a sponsored post and i was kindly sent the farm in a tin pictured above free of charge. all opinions however are my own. if it's a yay or a nay i will always write honestly :)


  1. Oh my. I need to get organised this year although I cannot think about it in October!! Cute farm set and also admiring Caleb's tank top :)

    1. ha ha i don't blame you, i'm getting depressingly organised ;)

  2. oooh! i do like this! a few i can think of who would love this. ps - hope you're feeling better lovely xx

    1. feeling so much thank you :)
      farm set is the cutest hey, i have to work on caleb's animal sounds though, they kinda sound all the same!!