posting on a saturday. whaaa??? yes that is exactly how this week has gone. behind. behind. behind.

so, happy belated halloween! i hope you had fun whatever you did and of course made sure to eat your body weight in candy. we did.

my favourite thing had to be dressing up a certain little man as a pirate, apparently drawing on a fake moustache can induce fits of giggles. from both parties.

yes my little pirate that is exactly what your mama did :)

don't worry i won't be giving up my day job anytime soon to become a face painter!

we finished halloween off with a little mini trick or treat in our apartment block, which pretty much consisted of caleb proudly strutting about in front of the neighbours, passing the treats to us and then waltzing into their homes to locate....yes you guessed it....their phone.

hmmm we'll have to work on your trick or treat technique for next year, caleb.

ah next year.

i by no means want to wish the years away but i'm so excited to share with caleb the wonderful memories i have of halloween growing up, so much too show you and fun to be had, my boy. but i'll stop thinking about tomorrow and instead enjoy my little pirate now. 

enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


  1. Hahaa, he is just too cute!!

  2. So cute!!! Love your autumn posts, especially the pumpkin picking. Next year he will LOVE it! Leila has changed so much since last year and really got Halloween this year. The pictures look fabulous (which is all that counts haha)