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ahhhhh, i can't believe i'm actually typing this, but this little shop is now OPEN!!

i've chosen the site, etsy to sell my little houses. for those of you that don't know about etsy, you should (and for those that have, well you certainly won't need an introduction)!

it's a wonderful site that supports and hosts sellers of handmade/unique/vintage items. yes, pretty much my idea of heaven.

my little houses, were born out of a love for all things vintage inspired and unique. all the papers used are sourced with great love and care, and the unit itself has an antique white finish which compliments the grain of the wood.

they are perfect for a little ones room or around the house, to hold all your little trinkets and treasures. what makes them special is that no two are exactly the same, add to that how you choose to style your house, and you have a truly unique feature hanging on your wall or freestanding.

would you like hooks added to the base of your little house? perfect to hang jewellery, hanging decorations or that treasured first babies onesie/dress/cardigan. simply add base hooks at the check out.

so here i am, pretty much cutting my shops virtual ribbon with my virtual scissors ;), and saying welcome everyone!

* i'm new to this whole selling malarky so ALL feedback is greatly appreciated. if you have any questions please leave a comment, or you can email me at for all international buyers please email for postage prices :)

* also, thank you to everyone for entering our Stuck On You Giveaway. congratulations to our winners, jessica and brooke :) we have emailed you both.


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!! *opens the champagne to celebrate with you!*

    1. thank you!!!!!!! i've opened a few more bottles with you as they've started selling, hope you don't mind ;)

  2. Congratulations! They look beautiful :)

    1. ah thank you! it is much appreciated, i was terrified posting this blog post, which is silly as you're such a supportive lot :)

  3. Congratulations lovely lady!! :)

    You must be sooo chuffed :) I'm soooo in love with each design I don't know which to pick - would you consider doing a custom design?

    Jess x

    1. for you jess, absolutely :)
      i've done a few for my friends using wallpaper that they have in their home.
      step into my office....;)